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Workshops and Trainings

I have created Workshops and Trainings based on the teachings in my books. Whether you want to learn how to manifest your best life, get trained to lead groups and inspire others, or prefer to host individual and specialist events, reach out to me today to learn how we can work together to create the best program to suit you or your organization's needs.

The What if..?™ Workshops and Trainings

For Professionals: Do you want to host your own workshops and teach others how to live aligned with the Power of Possibility? I offer unique trainings to help you use the What if..?™ teachings with your own clients.


For Students: Are you interested in attending a workshop yourself, to enhance your life by understanding what it truly takes to manifest ... from the inside out?

The What if..? Workshops and Trainings are designed to help you understand the basic teachings in my book What if..? and how you can apply them to every day life. Reach out to me today to learn more about these two offerings and how they can help you in your personal and/or professional life.

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Setting the Year Ahead Workshop

Live Event: January 28, 4pm CST
What if you could align your focus and attention with your soul's intention for the upcoming year? It's possible with our annual vision board workshop.


My co-host for this event is Liz Scroggins, a gifted yoga teacher and my dear friend. We present this online workshop every January, as it is designed to help you get present and get clear on what your soul needs as you move into the year ahead, leaving 2023 behind as it washes away.

It's FREE to join, you just need a collection of magazines or catalogs to participate. Come see what the buzz is all about and start your year off right!

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