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  • How do your sessions work?
    While my life coaching and psychic/medium sessions both use my unique gifts, they are different in scope. Life coaching sessions are about getting answers combined with guidance and support to create positive change in your life around a specific challenge or topic. Psychic/medium sessions are focused on receiving information from the Universe or messages from departed loved ones, without the added piece of learning and application.
  • I am on a limited budget, how did you set your session pricing?"
    I totally understand being on a budget. My session pricing is based on three factors: Firstly, my rates are based on my years of experience, training, and expertise. I am continually adding to my knowledge base, and I offer a unique experience that combines life coaching, therapy, energy healing, and psychic intuitive work - it's like getting four experts in one! (Yeah, I'm a bit of a unicorn.) While our session time is specific, it includes a lot more time and energy on my end before we even begin. Furthermore, based on client feedback, the work stays with you for a long time after we hang up. Simply put: It's transformative beyond the scope of 50 or 60 minutes. Pricing varies widely throughout the industry. Personally, I do my best to stay current with others whose work I respect, while also being accessible. My rates reflect that. If you'd like to read about others' experiences working with me, please check out the Testimonials I have received from previous clients.
  • What if I only want half an hour?
    Unfortunately, I can't offer half hour sessions. The work I do is so deep and intense that even an hour can feel limited. In fact, clients have often said they wished we had more time. In the future, I may offer 90 minute sessions to accommodate this request. Sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay informed.
  • What's the difference between a life coach and a therapist?
    For years, I have explained this very simply: A therapist is like an archaelogist - they accept the land that you're on and work with you to dig beneath the surface to uncover and discover what is affecting you today. A life coach is like an architect - they, too, accept the land that you're on and that there may be things affecting you, but they work to help you build the life you want starting where you are. The beautiful thing about what I do, is that I do both. I am both a certified life coach and a licensed therapist; I practice as a life coach, because it's more aligned with my own personal philosophies. Plus, life coaching is an umbrella that allows me to incorporate all of my knowledge and expertise, including as a Reiki Reiki Master Teacher, therapist, and Psychic/Medium. This can be a highly beneficial combination, as it's often much faster than traditional therapy, or solely doing energy work.
  • What is a "Psychic" vs. a "Medium" - what's the difference?"
    While different people have different definitions, for me it's simple. I use my gifts equally for both, but the intention or focus is what distinguishes them from one another. As a Psychic, I connect with the unseen world to receive information to assist you in your life. This information can come as images, phrases, feelings, etc. It comes from the highest vibration ethereals (often including your guides), so it is very pure. We then interpret it together, so that it is meaningful and helpful for you in order to create change in your life, if we are engaged in a life coaching session. As a Medium, I'm using the same gifts, but this time I'm connecting with a departed loved one in order to create connection for you that is meaningful in some way - often to allow for healing.
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