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Coming July 31st!

When the World Went Quiet tells the stories of the animals around the world showing up in unexpected places during the global pandemic of 2020.

Kelly Ulrich's beautiful illustrations accompany Tia Martina's melodic words as we go on a journey around the globe. From India to Singapore, Argentina to America—and numerous places in between—this is a children's book for all ages. 

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Tia Martina is a children's author who loves finding magic in everyday events. Whether it's from walks in the forest with her dog or watching her bird eat a bowl of spaghetti, she enjoys capturing the little moments that make life special and fun. In her first children's book, When the World Went Quiet, Tia Martina used her love of rhyme and verse to document the animal adventures that took place around the world while people stayed home. 



For over two decades, the name “Tia Martina” has been synonymous with fun, hugs, and love—as well as a good story or two. Tia Martina is actually author Martina Faulkner’s alter-ego. When she decided to start sharing her children’s books, it seemed only natural that they would be under the name used by her many nieces and nephews, both biological and not.


When Tia Martina is not writing new adventures or coming up with new characters and ideas, she loves spending time with her dogs (Lucas and Maddie), her friends and family, or painting, coloring, and listening to music.

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