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I have found that the easiest way to answer the question "What do you do?"

is to say: I write, I create, and I help people. 


As an author and publisher, I'm interested in sharing stories and good

work—others' and my own. As a certified life coach, therapist, and energy

healer, I help people reconnect to their true self—their heart—to live

their best life. I may wear many hats, but they all come back to one thing:



Connection to Self, Connection to Others, and Connection to Source.


My guiding principle is Hope. Where there is hope, there is possibility. While there are many words I could use to describe who I am and what I do,  the short answer is:


I write, I create, and I help people. 


Whether it's through words on a page or over the phone, my job is to listen, then help. Sometimes, my help comes from using my intuitive gifts, and sometimes it comes from drawing on my extensive toolbox of experience and training in coaching, energy work, and psychotherapy. Sometimes, however, it comes from simply being present to whomever is in front of me.

I believe that when we slow down enough to listen, we open the door to possibility—or Hope.


Hope plays an integral role in transformation. Once hope is present, practically anything is possible. I help people learn, know, and apply, in order to change their life for the better. Learning is the first step, and it can come from anywhere (a textbook, a conversation, an exercise). After that, the goal is to embody the learning through application. My belief is simple: It's not enough to know something, it's what you do with it that matters.

Martina as Author

Writing has always been a source of inspiration and catharsis for me. Since I was very young, I have collected quotes of other writers that inspired me—especially the ones that perfectly captured the essence of a situation or feeling. Words, at their best, are magical.

As an author, my work crosses many genres. From self-help to poetry, children's books to novels, I find joy in writing and storytelling. I think it's one of the most important tools we have as humans to connect with one another. There's beauty in listening to and hearing another person's story; and there's healing in telling one of your own.


On some level, all of my work explores the human condition. Whether it's my own story, such as my future memoir Landing On My Feet, or one that I've imagined into being in one of my children's books or forthcoming novels, like The Muse or The Soul Gardeners, stories are at the heart of what it means to be human. They are the bridges that link us to one another without borders, time, or condition. 

Writing, therefore, is a form of infinite connection. It's a step forward into possibility, which is a step forward into hope and love.

As a publisher, I bring my experience with writing to a new level. My focus is on helping others share their work and be the best authors and artists they can be. To learn more about my work as a publisher, visit: Inspirebytes Omni Media.

Working With Martina

In addition to being a writer, I work as a Certified Life Coach, which allows me to draw from my extensive list of credentials while keeping everything under one umbrella. Continually learning and being open is an integral piece of what I do. As such, I have acquired a long list of experience in many varied modalities of healing and wellness. From degrees to certifications, I am always expanding my toolbox that I may better serve those who come to me for help. 

I work with people both individually and in groups, as well as teaching, speaking, and facilitating workshops. Just some of my credentials and experience includes: Certified Life Coach, retired Licensed Master of Social Work, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Cranio-Sacral, Chi Nei Tsang, Breath of Light, and inactive Certified Daring Way Facilitator. 

Over the last two decades, my gifts as an Intuitive have evolved based on the needs of my clients. They currently include: connecting to your personal spirit guides, past life regression, soul manifesting, connecting to departed loved ones, and much more. I work with the highest vibration and purest information available, and I keep strong energetic boundaries around all of the spiritual work I do, which is of benefit to everyone. 

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