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"Martina is not afraid to say it like it is. This is always the sign of someone you can trust, someone who is clear and loving enough  to skip the ingratiation and whitewash and instead, educate you." 

- José Luis Stevens, PhD, co-founder of the Power Path School of Shamanism and author of Awaken the Inner ShamanThe Power PathSecrets of Shamanism, and Transforming your Dragons

"When a friend referred me to Martina, I hesitated. My budget didn't have a lot of 'wiggle room' in it at the time, but I'm so glad I made the call. It was the best money I've ever spent on myself! Martina gave me information from my guides and pointed out things that I never could have known or understood on my own. I will definitely call her again - it's the perfect gift to myself." - Sara M., New York, NY

"I want you to know that after talking to you for those three months, I changed so much of my perspective on things and really learned to move forward. I really will always thank you and give you the credit for helping me to see that I could make that change. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but it's helped tremendously." - Jen R., Los Angeles, CA

"I've sometimes (jokingly) called Martina names during our sessions, because she speaks the truth - and I don't always want to hear it. But she does it in a way that is kind, clear, and compassionate. She told me when we started that even if I couldn't believe what was possiblle, if I trusted her process, my life would be hugely different in a good way. And she was right! I never thought I could be where I am today: experiencing true freedom and authenticity in my life, which I love! I'd rather spend my time and money working with Martina than on manicures and pedicures. It's the best self-care I know!" 

- Allison Cremona, Gidget's Beauty Box, Round Hill, VA

"It's always a pleasure to spend time with Martina. She listens carefully and expresses eloquently, seeing right to the heart of a situation before giving practical advice. I love her positive attitude and shiny bright optimism." - Joanna Brinkman, Pots of Style, United Kingdom

"As a direct result of my work with Martina, I have shifted from a state of resigned hopelessness to a state of joy that I would never have believed possible for me. I now feel that I am able to be a source of light and love in this world. Martina has helped me learn to live in alignment with my values and to look forward to the rest of my life." - Marilyn H., Chicago, IL

"Martina engages in a way that helps me see the bigger picture and connect the dots for patterns and beliefs that are limiting. My time with Martina has helped me to improve both my personal and professional relationships as well as allowed me to embrace all facets of who I am. I feel empowered and inspired by this work". - Crissy M., Des Plaines, IL

"Sometimes I wonder if it was some kind of voodoo magic that Martina practiced, whispering into my ear while I dozed off to sleep at night. Her words had a way of staying with me. Honestly, I have experienced a major transformation in my business since reading What if..? It's not about earning x amount of money, more about finding the right clients who value what I offer. As I'm in the creative field, that is a tricky endeavor. She leads you in the right direction to finding a) what you actually really want, and b) believing you will get there." - Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio, Sandprints Photography, Morro Bay, CA

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