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The Yin & Yang of Now

I've heard many people tell me how overwhelmed they're feeling in the midst of this pandemic, but not from the usual and expected culprits like fear, change of routine, or having to home school three kids!

No, this overwhelm is coming from the inadequacy they're feeling because they're not "accomplishing enough" during all this "free time." Sigh.

So, let me make this easier for you, if you've been feeling this way:

You’re not meant to get anything accomplished right now. Accomplishment is a Yang energy, and we’re meant to be in a Yin energy. This is a time of reset.

One of the pages I follow on FB likened it to rebooting your computer–I loved that. While your computer is restarting, you don't try to do work on it. You aren't popping into Word and writing a novel or redoing your annual budget on Excel. The computer is offline, even though it's on. This is by design.

We, too, are offline, even though we're still on. We're meant to be resetting, or restoring. The global pandemic has affected all of us, even if it isn't infecting all of us. The reason it has affected all of us is the invitation we globally needed to pause and reflect. These are Yin energies and actions. Ironically, the sooner you accept that, the more flow you will have, and subsequently, the more accomplished you will feel. ;)

So, take rest, pause, and allow your body, mind, and soul to reset. Self-Isolation is not a vacation, nor is it a time to add to your plate. You already had too much on that plate to begin with. If someone tries to shame you into feeling like you're not doing enough with all this free time, remember that you don't have more time in your day, you simply have more time at home. These are not the same thing.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home. Be well. xo

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