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Time for Something NEW!

I’m back to writing regularly, which means... NEW BOOKS and a NEW BLOG!

You’re going to love it!

I actually wrote a much longer piece that shared the backstory behind this exciting new writing chapter, but then my friend Corey said, “Keep it simple!” He also told me to tell you: “What Martina has created is AMAZING! You definitely want to sign up for this!”

Introducing: My new column on Substack:

What is it all about? Well, click the link below and find out! (Do it now. You know you want to…)

You won’t want to miss this! In fact, Mimi, one of my long-time clients said: “I’ve been working with Martina for years, and I signed up for her Substack as soon as I saw it. I figure I’ll get some extra wisdom and perspective at a fraction of the cost of just one session – maybe about topics I never thought to bring up.

As if a new column isn't enough, I've also returned to writing books. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming later this year/early next year:

Exciting stuff! This also means that this blog page on my website will now redirect to Unique and Universal on Substack. So, if you want to continue to hear from me, especially with this new chapter of writing, head on over to Unique and Universal and sign up! There are two subscriptions to choose from (free or paid) and both provide you with things to think about on a weekly basis. Plus, I'm adding some fiction writing, too!

I look forward to seeing you over there and I look forward to sharing more of my words and my world with you. 

Love and hugs (and a great big thank you!),


Note: If you originally subscribed to my weekly blog InspireBytes™ your address may or may not have been transferred over. So, click the link above and sign up again. Thanks!

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