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Full Moon Blessings

In many energy- and nature-oriented traditions the full moon is a time of release - of letting go. As the moon is crests and embarks on its waning stage, we can use this energy and momentum to release things ourselves.

Many years ago I shared a full moon blessing that can be used for any occasion, but I thought it was time to update it for the times we are in - and for this beautiful super flower moon we are witnessing tonight. May it be of service.


I release my fear of discomfort.

I release my fear over tomorrow.

I release my frustration at this situation.

I release my worries over things I can’t control.

I release my unconscious behaviors that hurt me.

I release my anger, my sadness, and my impatience.

I release my need to hold on to old thought patterns.

I release my attachment to beliefs that keep me stuck.

I let go of impatience.

I let go of worry.

I let go of anger.

I let go of fear.

And for the full moon at other times, here is the original full moon invocation from years ago.

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