Martina is an avid writer, working across genres in everything from spirituality and self-help to children's books, poetry, and novels. Drawing on her vast experience in studying and working with human behavior, she creates works that are instantly accessible to audiences of all ages. 

Never one to shy away from an idea, Martina's writing is always as entertaining as it is informative and inspirational.


Unique in the healing arts community, Martina is a mystic for the modern age. Her practice combines coaching and psychotherapy with her highly specialized intuitive gifts and energy work.

She presents a singular experience that transcends any one method and offers something entirely new. This distinctive approach allows her to be the best possible guide and teacher for her clients, in her programs, and through her writing. Her inspirational blog, in which she shares this unique approach, can be found here.

"It's not enough to know something,

it's what you do with it that matters"

-Martina E. Faulkner-


An avid writer, Martina's books cover a wide range of genres, including: self-help, spirituality, fiction, children's, and poetry.

Martina has created various digital programs of her work and teaching. These are perfect for anyone who wants to go deeper, or isn't ready for a one-on-one session.

Martina offers one-on-one sessions for her work as an intuitive/medium and certified life coach.


Martina does amazing things, she does beautiful things, and it's f**king awesome!

James K.


Martina E. Faulkner has made a career of helping people envision the life they want and then making it happen.

Martina has been a miracle in my life. I wouldn't be where I am without her guidance, support and gifts.



Jennifer L.